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Mission Statement

Save Colyer Lake Inc., is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to the quick repair and restoration of the Colyer Lake Dam. We strongly believe the Lake is an important community, recreational and environmental resource in Centre County. We will demonstrate public support for this cause in collaboration with the Governor of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

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May 8th Public Meeting

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFAB), had a meeting to inform the public of the status of Colyer Lake repairs. The meeting was on Thursday, May 8, 2014 @ 6:00pm at the PENNS VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL.

We would like to thank the PFAB for providing time to inform the public as to the upcoming changes to Colyer Lake, as well as their support in rehabilitating and repairing Colyer Lake. We would also like to thank Representative Kerry Benninghoff, who was also in attendance, as well as Senator Jake Corman and his staff for their continued political support on saving Colyer Lake. As time progresses over the next year, updates will be posted to this site as to the ongoing status at Colyer Lake for the restoration and repairs. Photos will also be posted as to show how the work is progressing. For now, here is a Proposed Timeline as provided by the PFAB. Once again, THANKS TO EVERYONE that have helped, printed, sweated, rowed, biked, hiked, jogged and gave their time and efforts in helping to save Colyer Lake!!!!

Proposed Rehabilitation Timeline

Design - Complete April 2014
Permits - Issued May 2014
Funding - SECURED !
Department of General Services Advertisement & Award - June/July 2014
Lake Drawdown & Fish Salvage - August/September 2014 (The day after Labor Day September 2nd)
Dam Construction, Lake Liming & Habitat Improvements - September 2014 through August 2015
Refill Lake - August 2015 through January 2016
Fishing and Boating - Spring 2016 !

Latest Update on Lake Colyer

The permitting and the preliminary work was completed ahead of schedule by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFAB), and the project went out for bid in July. Those bids were due by the 13th of August. There were 5 bidders. The Department of General Services and the PFAB will be examining those bids and will award the contract in the near future. Actual work on the Dam is anticipated to begin late this summer, or early fall. The funding for the repairs is in place, thanks mostly to the Transporation Funding Bill, signed last November. This also includes $100,000 committed by Save Colyer Lake. Inc.

The Lake can not have ANY water impounded behind the dam while the project is under way. As such, the last of the water in the lake will be drained out beginning on the day after Labor Day (Septermber 2nd). So, if you get a chance, get out to the lake as soon as you can for your last chance before it is dry for a year. The re-filling and repair work will depend on many factors. (The schedule above is tentative upon weather, construction pace and precipitation over the next year).

Save Colyer Lake, Inc., has formed a "partnership" with the PFBC and Potter Township to apply, for a Grant through the Department of Community and Economic Develepment, to try to improve Colyer Lake and to make it more than it has been in its first 50 years. Through the efforts of all the "partners" and the Centre County Planning Office, Save Colyer Lake, Inc. has committed $37,500 and has applied for a Grant that would give the resources to add to each of the two boat launch areas a pavilion, bathroom facilities, an easy access kayak launch ramp, and more. Plus, we will undertake to improve the lake bed for fish habitat, by adding "structures" to the lake floor, as well as lime to the lake to balance the Ph. We will know in November if we are awarded these Grant proceeds (Details will be posted on this site.) If we are, then the work on these lake amenities will begin this winter and completed by the time the contractor is done with it's work.

These are exciting times for those involved with the full restoration of Colyer Lake. We want to thank everyone who has helped in the 100's of tasks that have been asked of you and to sincerely thank you for your continued interest and support of Colyer Lake.
Thank you,
Tom Kistler, President
Save Colyer Lake, Inc.

The DAM Fundraiser, held on September 15, 2013 was a SUCCESS!!!!

We gratiously thank all those that participated and helped make the event a success.
Click on The Dam Fundraiser and Thank you to see photos of the event and recognitions page.

Wildlife at Colyer Lake

Colyer Lake is home to an abundance of wildlife as well as many species of fish, reptiles and amphibians.

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